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Professional Portfolio

Below are photos I conceived, planned, and produced while working as a Creative Producer. All concepts, styling, and art direction by me. 

Photographer credits to Daniel Troy and Massimo Gammacurta

Creative Production

Elegant. Ambitious. Focused.

These are the three main pillars I rely on when devising and producing product content. I work with clients to translate their brand vision into visual concepts while highlighting key features of their products. 


Art Direction

This is where the big picture and the tiny details matter equally. I focus on the design elements of photos to maintain a balanced and unique feel while striving to capture the appropriate style and beauty in every aspect- colors, lighting, shadows, props, textures, and visual 'weight'. 


It's hands on. Whether it's building a set, arranging props, or working with textures, I'll always spend the time to give the photo that "wow" factor.


Using motion in a styled set can add a playful and eye-catching element to content. (And they're always the most fun to shoot!)


Finding the perfect phrasing, tone, and set for engaging video content is imperative. I like to keep videos on-brand and cohesive while always thinking outside the box in terms of visuals.

CLICK HERE to see my video portfolio!

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