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I hope you're having a great day. 

My Story

As a self-identifying oxymoron, I tend to dismiss labels, but I'll give you some of the facts.

I'm 26 years old and I've always been who I am. I love science, watching good tv, and eating. I played sports where my dad was the coach and my mom brought the snacks. I'm an older sister and I need a cat in my life at all times. 

I'm giggly and open-minded and I always go out of my way to make people feel included. I view humor not only as a virtue, but also as the highest form of intelligence. Music would be playing constantly if it were up to me. I try hard and I value connection. I'm a perfectionist and I care. 

Most importantly, I am an endless pool of ideas. I can recall sitting at my home computer and writing a script for a skit when I was 9 just as clearly as I can remember typing a poem in my Notes app half-awake last night. Regardless of when, where, or why, it always brings me incredible pride to turn what is inside of me into art.

- Isabella Petrecca

Let's Work Together

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