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Graphic Media

Simple and surreal imagery paired with honest words 

mailbox, sad, art, doodle
graphic design, art, writing, minimalism

Before and After

A pair of inverted images depict the beginning and end of a relationship

The airy infatuation and obsession of the before... Reminiscent of doodling a crush’s name in the margins of a school notebook, the untainted white background and simple black ink evoke a naive and pure sentiment. The letters seem to flutter around the main word, similar to the butterflies in one’s stomach or stains of lipstick kisses on a face. Thoughts of this person play in your head on repeat, obsessively daydreaming and replaying moments that made your knees weak. 

The dampened retrospect and lingering of the after... Overwhelmed by thoughts of them, the now deep black background feels heavy and bleak. The off-white stamped letters float like ghosts on the page, similar to how the memories haunt you now in the wake. What were once butterflies are now flies and gnats around the rotted relationship. The thoughts that once dreamt of a future now pick apart the past, and all that is left unsaid shines persistently against the darkness.

graphic design, art, writing, minimalism
graphic design, art, writing, minimalism
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