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My professional and personal writing

Mock Press Release

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a short story about time

a personal essay about autonomy

Bagels: Just the Beginning for Chinda Eleonu
a profile on a Boston University student-run business

Kate Mueth Channels Change and Love Through Her Plays
a profile on director and founder of the production company Neo-Political Cowgirl, Kate Mueth, and her play Hysteria

Published Articles

Cambridge Chronicle Article

 Here you can find my news article that was published in the Cambridge Chronicle publication while I was in college.

College Magazine Author Page

During a semester in college, I wrote weekly articles about lifestyle and personal experiences! (Their site is having some technical issues so this link may be temporarily out of order)

Dulwich OnView Article 1, 2, 3

During my semester abroad in London, I interned at this publication. My assignments included trips to local events and exhibits where I wrote about my experience. 

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